david_bridges_1I’m so pleased that you’re seeking information about Friendswood Friends Church.  It’s a privilege to welcome you to our page on the web, but even more, to welcome you to join us for worship and life together.

We are a group of people striving to grow deeply in our commitment to God and to each other.  Our town and our campus are filled with huge stately oak trees.  Just like those trees grow deeper roots and stronger branches year after year, folks at Friendswood Friends hope to grow more deeply rooted in God’s love as each day passes by.  The goal of our worship and life together is to learn to live well—the way we were created to live—and we look to Jesus, the Messiah, as our model for living.  He is the one who turns us around and points us in the right direction, so we can live in right relation to God and to others.

Friends founded this community and church more than 110 year ago.  We’re proud of our heritage in this area, but are not resting on the accomplishments of our past.  Today we are making every effort to understand what right living with God requires in the midst of our culture.  Within a religious atmosphere where there is much emphasis on outward appearances and ritual observances, we have learned to be concerned about our true innercondition.  In a community that has devoted immense resources to the discovery of outer space, we are committed to the discovery of inner space—the place that God enters and transforms.  We are a group that is committed to a disciplined life of prayer and scripture meditation and we find that such practices develop into a life of love, mercy, obedience and faith.

logo 200x141At Friendswood Friends Church you’ll find several activities, educational opportunities, and other groups that are designed to help you learn to love God and others more genuinely and thoroughly.  You’ll find worship that takes God seriously yet is relaxed and simple.  Most of all, you’ll find people who are committed to living the Jesus way.  I hope you’ll come worship with us and join in our commitment to grow deeper roots and stronger branches.